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Importance of leadership on school

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses articulating the importance of leadership on school. An educational leader should have the ability to understand himself and develop sufficient self-confidence. Whenever a person develops believe in himself, he or she has the ability to fulfill many things. Those educational leaders who have self-confidence do not get scared or nervous when placed in a position that challenges them to make decisions. In this perspective, they should know how they are supposed to start each day to lead the school, the students as well as their fellow teachers. This way, they would be able to help them accomplish the desired goals of a classroom as well as the school. A good educational leader should be in possession of excellent communication skills. It is not possible for a leader to head a particular group if he is unable to communicate with them. A good leader is able to reach a large number of people through various ways. For example, the principal may have a face-to-face conversation with his subordinates every week as well as send them email updates every day (Chiappetta, 2004). An education leader is supposed to be resourceful and open to new ideas. For example, with the improvement of technology and the prevailing economic times, educators should be open to new concepts for them to change the classroom or educational environment. Additionally, an educational leader should learn how to use the resources that available. A good leader does not just set his own way, but he uses the information available to him and applies to the future resources. .


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