Impact of the national issue

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

For our last essay of the semester, we will be writing a researched, PERSUASIVE essay that tackles a local issue. The assignment requires extensive research on a law, amendment, regulation, or widely-debated position regarding our local political, environmental, or social lives.The essay must present a clearly articulated position on a controversial, debated topic specific to our state, city, or local neighborhood. Writing about national issues is permitted, but the research and impact of the national issue must be firmly rooted in the impact of that issue to Florida residents.We will use local and state publications, scholarly journals and reports, as well as government documents and independent resources to establish evidence and support for our own perspectives and positions on the chosen topic.Positions must be arguable, meaning that writers cannot choose topics based on a generally-accepted, well-known facts. For example, we all know smoking is unhealthy. There is no argument there. However, arguing about whether Florida should ban smoking on public beaches is valid.The requirements for essay are as follows:Essays must be 1500 – 2000 words and written in academic third person point of view. Essays must be formatted using APA guidelines and include at least five sources.Arguments must be clearly established and supported by research from reputable, fully-vetted sources that include all the pertinent information required of responsible, professionally published sources.Sources can include videos, films, newspapers, magazines, cartoons, music, art, statistics, books, and interviews.Essay final drafts are due as noted in the course schedule.

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