Impact of Culture on Sexuality

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Assignment

Create a thesis and an outline on The Impact of Culture on Sexuality.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Being a part of our total personality, human sexuality involves the interrelationship of biological, psychological, and sociocultural dimensions. It will thus be influenced by the ethical, spiritual, cultural, and moral concerns of a person. The culture of a person mainly constitutes his or her beliefs concerning a particular issue. The beliefs of a person, on the other hand, will shape his or her behavior and in turn, will shape his or her personality.&nbsp. Different cultures will uphold different taboos and thus shaping the human sexuality of the individuals living in that particular country (Bolin & Whelehan, 2009). Taking for example a country like Somalia, it contains injunctions called incest taboos. This refers to the prohibition against marrying a close relative (Bolin & Wheleman, 2009). Such a taboo will control the sexuality of an individual living in such a society because as long as such a person will live with relatives for a long period of time, his or her sexuality will continue being stifled. Research also shows that in most African countries, young people are not allowed to show up their feelings to the opposite sex, leave alone being in sexual relationships. In such countries, the marriage partner of an individual is normally determined by the parents or the elders of the community (Bolin & Whelehan, 1999).

In such communities, the rate of teenage pregnancies was reported to be low and cases of patients with sexually transmitted diseases were also reported to be very low in the hospitals. Thus, clearly, the cultural rules upheld in such countries extensively shaped the human sexual desires of an individual (Baumeister, 2001).Impact of cultural dressing on the human sexuality of a person. different cultures entertain and prohibit different dressing codes. Taking for instance the Muslim community, women are supposed to wear long and free dresses as their culture depicts. In such cultures, sexual desires arising from unethical dressing will be controlled. In other cultures apart from the Muslim culture, a female, whether married or unmarried, should put on clothes that at least cover three-quarters of their bodies.

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