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by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Prepare and submit a paper on how the images of refugees framed in the media will influence people’s sympathy and per ception on refugees. This essay aims to conduct a study, which explore the relationship between how a person feels refugees and the images of refugees framed in the mass media. In order to examine the research question: what is the influence of images of refugees framed in the mass media images on people’s perception, the essay would expect to organize a group experiment.According to FADIMAN, (2012, p. 54), the human nature dictates that humanity is an intrinsic feature that every human being has. This intrinsic feature is dependent in certain humanitarian standards and in feelings that must be accumulated within the body of a human being. For instance, pain is one of the intrinsic characteristics that depict a human being. Humanity is fearful to pain and suffering. Refugees are people considered to be facing intermediate imbalance in their capability to access the humanitarian requirements and standards for living. This is why in most cases, their mention signifies suffering, death, lack of everything that helps keep life, and total failure in knowledge and understanding of a certain body that resulted in them. Refugee camps are characterized with human suffering captions. People face little chance of survival, yet in most cases, they survive with intriguing human feelings.The media is a channel through which several human intentions are perceived and delivered. For instance, it would take an easy stature for media personnel to convince a group of people offer the sufferings found in the refugee camps. With the intrinsic human nature founded in people, it becomes an easy and even unthinkable task to offer help to people facing such refugee challenges (HOUTMAN- DE SMEDT 2005, p. 56). Challenges are common in every society. Nonetheless, the ones faced by refugees appear to touch the innate feelings of many people in the world.

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