Iker Casillass Girlfriend

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Iker Casillass Girlfriend Sara Carbonero and Real Madrids Dressing Room Scandal.This research tells that Iker revealed much of the team’s information to Sara, which she reported to her channel. This helped her to grab the attention of the viewers as well as the readers but it definitely had a negative impact on the career of Iker. According to the management team, what Iker did was unethical and therefore it made him sit on the bench for almost half of the season as the result of which the performance of “Real Madrid” suffered. The Media in this situation played a very critical role. Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas were accused several times of leaking the information from the team’s locker room to the media that Sara worked for, but the media made the situation worse by broadcasting it and making it available for the competitors of the “Spain’s Football Team” and “Real Madrid”. The media on several occasions exposed some controversial information such as the weakened relationships between players or the views of management on the poor performance of any specific team player. Every time the media Sara worked for broadcasted any such news it created an atmosphere of distrust in the team’s dressing room, affecting the relationships of the players to some extent. Team players clashed because of the media issue. There have also been occasions when Iker thought about leaving the club that has been the most important part of his life. One of the sources also revealed that Iker was so close to leaving the club due to all the issues created by the media, but he changed his mind at the very last moment. Audiences become informed or misinformed by many channels and so do journalists as well. Ethical practice is important for media as it holds the power of influencing a large number of people. Although the fundamental rights of a citizen in Spain also include the right to know information, when it comes to journalists, they must use their right of expression within certain limitations.

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