Hyperglycemia vs hypoglycemia

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Write a 6 page essay on Hyperglycemia vs. Hypoglycemia.Homeostasis is the survival and preservation of a reasonably stable internal setting, such as body temperature. It is the tendency of an organism to establish stability within its internal environment or fluid matrix. and it is through metabolism that an organism maintains homeostasis (Smith p.792).Metabolism is made up of several processes that maintain the structure and molecular composition of a living organism in quasi-stable state, consisting of two interdependent phases – catabolism and anabolism (Nahle, no page number). Anabolism is the term used to describe the total number of chemical reactions involved in a synthesis. while catabolism happens when cells are also constantly involved in the breakdown of larger molecules. Catabolism has two purposes: 1. It releases the energy for anabolism and other work of the cell, and 2. It serves as a source of raw materials for anabolic processes (Curtis p.166).When there is an absolute or relative deficiency of the action of insulin, a simple protein composed of two peptide chains joined by disulfide bridges, at the surface of or within certain body cells, the metabolic disorder known as diabetes mellitus results, which is an inherited disease. In the absence of insulin, glucose is not changed to glycogen and stored within the liver but accumulates in the blood, simply known as hyperglycemia. and when this accumulated blood escapes into the urine, it is called glycosuria (Smith p.733). Insulin also affects the metabolism of fats and proteins. As the disease progresses, the derangements related to these two foodstuffs becomes clear.The biochemical derangements occasioned by the lack of insulin in a diabetic patient are dramatic ones. There are severe fluid and electrolytic disturbances, acidosis develops and death may occur in diabetic coma. Infection is a hazard for the

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