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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Humanities summary.This gave them equal power with the patricians in making laws. These democratic reforms benefited the political system of Rome and made the state stronger than ever.Josephus described the remarkable qualities of the Roman army which enabled the empire to expand in territory. First, the army men were highly disciplined. They trained everyday as if they were engaged in actual battles. They obeyed their masters and never broke any laws. Second, the army men had great sense of dedication to duty. They battle not for fortune but for the glory of the empire. The discipline and dedication that runs in their blood is then manifested into triumphant battles Third, the army men are very precise in their actions. Each man had his specific place, specific duty, and specific contribution to the army. Their battle skills are also well-calculated. This precision often leads the army to effortless victories. Finally, the army camp is not just a place for battle preparation but a place that stands as an entire city in itself. The tents, streets, gates, are perfectly designed to ensure maximum security and control of the camp.Seneca shared his thoughts on how to achieve peace of mind. First, know your self and be aware of the strengths and weaknesses that come with it. People either overestimate or underestimate themselves which leads to emotional disturbances and conflicts with other people. Second, choose a career whose demands meet your capabilities. Working beyond your capabilities may imbalance physical, emotional, and mental heath. Third, do not expect that the good deeds you have done to other people will be reciprocated. They are never in debt for your kind actions. Giving time, money, or service to other people must be done with sincerity. Fourth, choose the right friends. Trustworthy, sincere, and cheerful are qualities of an ideal friend. Finally, money afflicts society so just be contented with what you possess. The rich suffer as much as the

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