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Human trafficking and forced labor

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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND FORCED LABOR Ukrainian human trafficking situation.The paper points out to exploitation of the Right to Work in negative ways by some groups of people – human traffickers. These groups oppress people so that they can get cheap labor through fraudulent activities and misuse of power.The human rights advocate that Trafficking victims’ protection act of 2000 define human trafficking as subjecting humans to labor, illegal activities, prostitution and other forms of inhuman acts without their consent. It involves falsely recruiting, harboring, and transporting of a person for labor and services, through force, fraud or coercion.This essay demonstrates the problem of human trafficking and forced labor, namely the Ukrainian human trafficking situation. Ukraine is one of the main countries where humans are subjected to labor trafficking. In fact, Ukraine IOM and local NGOs reported that 49 percent of Ukraine population are victims of labor trafficking (State Department) (Ball & Hampton 13-14). Ukrainian victims mostly are sent to high-income countries such Russia, Poland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and many other European countries (trafficking in prisons 34) (Ball & Hampton 14).The paper outlines that most Ukrainian who are victims of labor trafficking are located in the countryside areas, in towns that have high unemployment rates. In order to protect these victims and reduce the human trafficking, the Ukrainian government created an anti-trafficking law in 2011 (Ball & Hampton 19). This led to many arrests of human traffickers.


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