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Human service questions

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Write a 2 pages paper on human services questions. Human Services Questions Affiliation Human Services Questions Human services have its origins in generous activities of civic and religious institutions from the colonial era. Nevertheless, the educational discipline of human services did not begin up till the 1960s. At that moment, a collection of college academics started the new movement in human services and began to support the adoption of the new system on human service professionalism and delivery amongst out-dated serving disciplines. The major goal of the movement was to make the delivery of service more humane, effective and efficient. Another goal dealt with the reskilling of professionals of traditional servings, to have a larger gratitude of the individual as an entire person and to be responsible to the societies they work for. In the ancient time, service delivery was brutal where individuals were not treated well. In addition, the services were incomprehensive and not easily accessible (Packard, 2009).In present time delivery is humane, integrated, accessible and comprehensive. Human service professions have also developed to be more responsible unlike in the past where irresponsibility was common among them. In the present time, laws regulating how human services are delivered have been put in place, unlike in the historical era when there were no laws governing it. According to OLooney, (1996), in his article tries to capture the spirit of service integration movements and explain why it is such an enduring challenge and problem to the public organization. In addition, Weaver, (1997), discusses issues that workers delivering human services should be aware of so as to deliver services to the people effectively. Also, Monette et al., (2014), also talks how different researches done on human services and how it is a tool for enhancing service delivery. In the New York Times, The Guardian and The British Broadcasting Co-operation discuss on human services pertaining to health are discussed and how they vary from one hospital to another. This articles Scholarly articles have been reviewed well and make sense than the non-scholarly ones are just ones individual opinion and cannot be relied on since they have not be reviewed.Some stressors that I have experienced in life do not have enough time to complete tasks and getting more than I can manage. The emergence of this stressors was due to some psychological effects that triggered me to do impress others by subjecting myself to more work and tasks that I could not handle. In managing the lack of time, I rank my priorities and did tasks according to their urgency. Secondly, in coping with habits of taking more than I cannot manage, I became honest with myself and took on tasks that I was comfortable with. Having experienced the effects of these stressors, nothing much can be done because they are part of life and so what one should do is to deal with the situations so as to avoid re-occurrence of them.When encountered with the scenario of Billy and his mother Sally, I would ask questions to Billy like what triggers his behaviours both at school and at home. To his mother, I will ask what can be the problem at home that makes Billy act in such a manner. Thus, I will ask both the son and mother questions, and this will help you find out what the problem is and why Billy acts that way at home. Additionally, I would ask the teacher questions about Billy, so as to know why he behaves well at school and not at home. Therapy goals that I would advise both Billy and his mother to take are Self-examination, crisis management and creation of surviving strategies to cope with future problems. The success of this goals is measured by the outcome. If the mother says Billy is behaving well at home, then the goals are effective.There are many types of issues that are common in the workplace like poor communication, issues in agreements, among others. In cases like poor communication, a problem focused response will be of help in minimizing the misunderstanding and disputes among employees. Emotional focused responses can be applied to issues of lack of faith among others. This issues touch on the emotions and should be handled well so that employers can learn to respect each other. ReferencesPackard, T. (2009). Leadership and Performance in Human Services Organizations. In Managing for Performance (pp. 143–164).Weaver, H. N. (1997, May 3). Social Work. Indigenous People in a Multicultural Society: Unique Issues for Human Services, 1. Retrieved from http://sw.oxfordjournals.org/content/43/3/203.short OLooney, J. (1996). Redesigning the work of human services. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Quorum Books Monette, D. R., Sullivan, T. J., DeJong, C. R., & Hilton, T. (2014). Applied social research: A tool for the human services.

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