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Human Resources function

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Human Resources /conflict management/labor relations. One way is to hit an impasse and decide not to join rather than join an organization at a salary and level that does not do you justice. In time you would be dejected and disappointed. At other times you would have to appeal to their logic and good sense. If that does not work, just slow work down till it is evident that deadlines are being missed. Once they call you in, simply state that you cannot proceed till things are corrected to your satisfaction. I was in salary processing and got a faster computer when I delayed salary processing because it was too time consuming on a slow computer and took up a sizeable part of my workday. It all depends on your upper management and what appeals they are likely to respond to.As the head of a department, you have responsibility for allocating merit pay raises, this year, your merit budget, as usual in recent times is modest, the average pay hike merit will be 2 percent. The range will be 0 percent to a high of 10 percent, one your direct reports, an excellent, hard –charging project manager, wants 10 %, or so you have heard. You are concerned she might leave if not properly recognized or rewarded. You have planned a 7 percent merit raise for her. She is known to be a highly sensitive person who can easily feel slighted. She has asked for a meeting to discuss (‘to negotiate’’) her merit raise.I would prepare by acknowledging the work done by the person, while reiterating that we are in hard economic times when it is clear that we are fortunate enough to have our jobs. I would point out that it would take some time for the economy to get better, while mentioning that it would be foolish to move to a competitor in such uncertain times. It would be wise to stick on to the present job, accept the present increase of 7% and see whether an interim increase of the remaining 3% could be worked upon midway during next year. It would be far less obvious and no one would need to know about………..


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