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Human resource management

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Write an essay on Human resource management case study. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Central government and pressure groups that exist around the area where the business organisation conducts its business operations usually prescribe and reinforce this second objective.

According to Linstead (2009), in the pursuit of positively affecting the local community, business organisations in the 1960s nurtured the concept of corporate social responsibility. Kotler and Lee (2004) described corporate social responsibility as the efforts of a business organisation to improve the social, environmental welfare of the surrounding community through various initiatives that are not aimed at generating any income for the company. The corporate social responsibility initiatives may include instituting environmental conservation programs, and empowering the local community through provision of employment opportunities and/ or training.

This present essay mainly seeks to analyse a case study entitled Rio Tinto Indigenous Employment Program, which is a corporate social responsibility program for the company that seeks to affect positively the local communities in Australia where the company operates in, through provision of employment opportunities and other benefits to the indigenous people.

The essay will first commence with a brief preview of Rio Tinto and its indigenous employment program. Secondly, the essay will analyse the stakeholders involved in the case study and their role in the program. Thirdly, the essay will look into how addressing employment and educational opportunities and outcomes of the indigenous community impact on the company’s strategic objectives. Fourthly, the essay will explore how human resource functions contribute to the implementation of the indigenous employment program and the company’s overall success. Fifthly, the essay will explore the key human resource and other strategic challenges involved in the case.

In reference to the Rio Tinto Indigenous Employment Program in Australia case study, it is noted that Rio Tinto is a……..


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