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Human resource management

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Write an assignment on human resource management. Alan Arrowsmith, for his experience with small businesses, was appointed as the HR manager at GS. His teaching experience in the trades section of the local technical college, where he handled subjects related to health and safety, risk management etc also made him proficient of HR manager post. GS plumbing underwent tremendous expansions such as contracts with several buildings and companies over the last ten years. GS takes up both planned tasks like plumbing installations for new homes as well as unplanned works despite the threat the unplanned works cause to the security of the company. GS Plumbing maintains strict regulations on workers on record keeping, maintenance of accounts etc. The rising demand for plumbing staffs compels GS plumbing to offer better financial and non-financial assistance to its employees. However, GS Plumbing has not been able to cope up with these demands and it has intensified the problem of employee turnover in the company. The senior management team of GS plumbing company includes Greg, Alan, Gail, and Jane. The company receptionist role is efficiently handled by Greg’s sister-in-law Gail White. However, she often finds her responsibilities increasing her stress level despite the company’s growth. The increase in the staff absenteeism and the occurrence of frequent injuries like falls, chemical burns etc have raised Alan’s concern.Alan has proved that he is eligible for managing the company and has been a great support to Greg. However, GS plumbing has not yet conducted any formal audit of the HR function. In fact, an audit is an essential part of organizational management because the examination of policies, procedures, documentation, and practices with respect to the HR functions of an organization can be effectively done through the audit activity1. This activity provides an opportunity for the HR manager to reveal his potency and achievements which would further encourage him to exhibit his abilities in the future.&nbsp.


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