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Human organizations

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We have studied four types of human organizations in this course thus far: hunting and gathering society, early agricultural society, agricultural civilization, and nomadic herding society. How was each type of human organization different politically, socially, culturally, and economically from the other? What did they have in common?

Discuss the key defining characteristics of the classical period in world history. Which of the classical civilizations was least effective in terms of empire building? Which was the most expansionist? How do Hinduism and Confucianism compare as cultural systems of integration?

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of classical Mediterranean civilization. What were the cultural, political, and economic bases for its success over the long run? What were some of the key weaknesses, internal and external, leading to its collapse in the west doing the 5th century CE??Running head: WORLD HISTORY 1 World HistoryNiki Zhang Institutional Affiliation WORLD HISTORY 2 Question 1In hunting and gathering societies.


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