HRD 425

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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: 2 HRD 425.Soon, the company won important contracts like that of A&P supermarket chain. As the number of customers grew, the company found it difficult to retain the same levels of customer satisfaction. Despite increased number of supervisors and employees, it became difficult to smoothen or streamline the operations. As there was increased number of employees, the place became overcrowded. As more employees crowded the aisles to fill orders, there was total disorder. In addition, the forklift operators did not have the opportunity to replenish stock. As a result of the crowded aisles, the number of accidents increased. Thus, there was a general fall in employee satisfaction, morale and retention. As a result of this increased disorder, the employees had no time to attend the new people who came. In addition, if an item is found missing in a particular order, it was totally impossible to identify who made the mistake.Currently, there are nearly 500 selectors, loaders, and shippers. around 100 forklift operators, 40 backhaul unloaders, 20 receivers and clerks, and 30 supervisors and managers. The normal way of meeting an order starts from selecting five selectors in random. These selectors are paid on the basis of the quantity they select. Once the selection is completed, a clerk would complete the necessary paper work and then, the loader would load the same onto truck. Presently, the situation at C & S is that despite the large number of employees and supervisors, the company finds it hard to streamline its operations at the warehouses. There is high staff turnover, increased workload, increased number of accidents, and reduced customer satisfaction. As a result, the company is finding it difficult to exploit its manpower in a successful manner. While loaders and selectors are paid on the basis of the quantity they handle, clerks and supervisors are salaried. Though responsibilities were non-overlapping, selecting people at random made it difficult to identify people

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