How technology changed our lives

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Write an article on How Technology Changed Our Lives. It needs to be at least 1000 words. There is a level of ease that comes with connecting on various platforms without any stress. The advancement in technology continues to make our lives better with each passing day. There is no limit to the things that technology will say to change our lives. A new concept with technology is that it helps to transform itself every day, let’s say with the latest releases. For example, computers become portable and much more affordable for families to use in their homes.Our life currently depends wholly on technology, with the life an average person dependent on technology to carry out a number of daily tasks. Our survival is now reliant on the use of technology. The dependence on technology extends beyond reason, taking the case of the application of computers in our daily lives, among other things. An internet connection helps in gaining knowledge while acting as a form of entertainment.There are many tasks that a computer can accomplish for us. The rise in the usage of technology is skyrocketing with the automation of most aspects of our lives. The upsurge makes one question our life about fifty years ago before the invention of the internet. It is nearly impossible to say life now without using technology for any aspect of our life. Through the years, it earmarks the evolution taking place in the technological world.The releases in recent years of new technology make it hard to keep up with the pace of the evolving nature in the technological world. Each dawn brings about a new technological advancement into our lives. Many transformations help to shape the current world, thanks to advancements in technology.The advancements in technology have shaped the cartography field, eliminating the need for physical maps to navigate. GPS helps in shaping the location and tracks from across the world at the press of a button. There is wide access to computers across the world with the internet at high speeds. The use of the internet and Wi-Fi helps in knowing what is going around the world. The knowledge is through news apps despite your location around the globe.A fair share of positives and negatives exist as a result of technology. Most of the negative impacts of technological advancements include the destruction of the environment. The effects also have an impact on our mental, physical, and social perspectives. There needs to be a level of control to the extent of advancements.The positive effects of advancements are clear for everybody, but there needs moderation for a balanced life. Creating awareness of the harmful effects of our overdependence on electronics prevents potential future adverse impacts. Below are some of the negative effects brought as a result of technological advancements.Bullying has become a constant headline in the current generation. Bullying has taken a different route from causing physical harm going to online bullying. Cyberbullying is a new concept perpetrated through online social media sites. Many children are suffering from depression as a result of cyberbullying. Many kids are likely to become bullies to other kids with access to a computer.The advent of computers leads to depreciation in the levels of privacy. The earlier years were easy to protect your personal data by staying offline. It was hard for someone to infiltrate someone else’s personal information with malicious intentions. Currently, the level of privacy is low, with one click that can expose your personal information and address. Hacking has become a common headache for most people obtaining information with malicious intentions.It is going to be impossible to maintain a level of online privacy. People also share personal information online, such as their address without their knowledge. A random tweet can give your personal information to other people. Sharing all your information on social media sites also places one as a victim to hacking.Devices distract us from our daily lives a lot. We fail to live in the moment because we are staring at our screens. We are becoming zombies glued to their screens hence failing the chance to appreciate the things present in our lives.Apart from drug addiction, another addiction comes with our dependence on technology. How long can you go without your phone? Recent research has shown people exhibit withdrawal symptoms similar to drug addicts when their phones are confiscated. Some of the symptoms portrayed by people without smartphones in their hands include constant fidgeting and restlessness.Depression has been a growing trend in the country, with many people becoming victims. Stress is a major indicator of depression. Another symptom that leads to depression includes less human contact due to the time spent on our phones. The lack of exercise in our lives plunges us into depression. As a means of counteracting the rising levels of depression, there is the abuse of antidepressants. The growth of pharmaceutical firms plays a massive role in the growth of depression.However, the blame is not fully on the pharmaceutical firms since most people have become addicted to antidepressants. Depression is a real-life problem and is avoidable by adopting healthy lifestyles. You should aim to develop a lifestyle that balances between negative and positive effects of the use of electronics. Instead of having conversations with AI, try to get into human contact with real-life conversations.Are you wondering how technology changed our lives? Try practicing your independence from all forms of technology. In case you can go a while without using an electronic gadget, you are breaking free from the shackles. The aim of life should be finding a balance in life with healthy lifestyle choices. Avoid turning into a couch potato or a zombie.&nbsp.

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