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How personality predicts employee performance

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Need an argumentative essay on To what extent does personality predicts employee performance. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. While hiring people the human resource personnel have the belief that the employees will have certain skills, abilities and personalities that will make sure that they add positively to the performance of the organization they are being hired into.The concept of personality and its effect on employee performance comes in management of the workforce and in synchronizing the different workers to make them work in harmony for the better goal of delivering the expected goals in the organization. In this work we shall look at how the employee’s personality can be used to predict their performance. For instance, in any organization, the managers or the supervisors are mandated to oversee the other employees and see unto it that what is supposed of them is being done in the correct way. An employee’s personality can hinder the supervisor from interacting well with her if maybe he/she is temperamental and usually takes the advice given personally. This way it will prove very hard to incorporate such a person in the team of employees that is deliberating in achieving the goals of the organization. This paper will address that in details and look at various cases and ways that can be used to harmonize different personalities and make all the employees productive in an organization.

The personality of a person may have an impact on his/her performance according to the work h/she is doing and the amount of interaction that is required in the specified job. While hiring employees, human resource personnel usually conduct interviews to assess the candidates’ personalities and traits together with their beliefs and attitudes and then allocate them the duties in departments that they feel they will deliver best and feel best working.For instance, while looking for a person to hold the position of a salesperson in a given organization, the best candidate should be the one who exposes high levels of


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