How is nursing different from medicine

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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: How is nursing different from medicine.Karen et al (2009) observes that medicine and nursing differ mainly in terms of the assistance that they present to an individual. In regard to their origin it is stipulated that they are different based on their inception. This essay is a critical analysis of the differences between nursing and medicine.It is important to the profession of nursing in order to help nurses to understand what their role is, and what is expected of them by the society. It will also assist nurses in understanding the disconnection between them and medical doctors.The developmental theory in nursing draws around the growth and advancement of individuals, which is a systematic and conventional progression that begins as a simple combination of cells that is the beginning of life, and eventually ends through decease. From the developmental theory, the main factor that serves as an indicator of the disparity between nursing and medicine is that nursing tends to concentrate on issues that have an impact on growth and development. Some of these factors are inherent while others originate from the environment in which a person grows. The manner in which an individual associates with the other members of the society determines the rate of growth and development in a person (Pierce et al 2006).In regard to issues that affect normal body functions such as visual impairment, a physician may not offer much assistance especially when the problem is not curable. The nurse tends to come in handy in assisting an individual to learn how to take care of him/herself in spite of living with the problem. People suffering from physical impairment acquire skills that are necessary for survival and also improve on the quality of their life. Care is therefore core in nursing. The more people are able to care for themselves the more they become capable of avoiding harm hence living a better

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