How and why do Hansen, Siegel, and Epstein differ

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Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic How and why do Hansen, Siegel, and Epstein differ in their approach to trauma.In the book, In the Trauma of Everyday life we meet the author Mark Epstein. He is a psychiatrist at a private firm in New York City. He is the author of several other books that talk about the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy. He did his undergraduate at Harvard University. He is a prolific writer and in this book, he invites the author the reader to try to learn from his expertise. He believes that trauma is the emotional response of individuals to the devastating event in their lives. He wants readers to try to learn from the readers on how to handle trauma like Buddhists. He argues that every person at some point in his or her life faces trauma, and it is a stepping-stone for individuals who experience growth. He argues that the trauma individuals go to help them in understanding the growth they are experiencing (Epstein 25). According to Epstein, the manner in which an individual handles trauma is important in understanding growth and change among individuals. He suggests that to arrive at happiness individuals have to think about the situation. He reveals how individuals use Buddha to understand and overcome the effects of trauma. Trauma does not happen to a few known individual but anyone. The author states that trauma is a transformational process used to define the process of mind development. According to him, the pain an individual goes through helps them to connect to the world on fundamental levels. Trauma does not destroy individuals rather it strengthens their ability to think and seek happiness. The originality and authenticity of the writer together with his inward struggles help the individuals search for happiness despite the trauma. It opens our mind to understand the suffering of other and seek for internal happiness.Jonathan Haidt is a professor of ethics and a psychologist at the University of New York. He researches on the morals of human beings on their daily to activities (Haidt, 8). He began with research by studying the

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