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Homicide assault and family violence

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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Homicide assault and family violence.In this report, I shall discuss taking the side that women are the most common victims of homicide assault and family violence and that men treat them such as they have a nature of controlling their female partners within the family, and hence have impacts on the family as well as children, along with the community where they live in.Of all the reports that are produced to the police, it has been obtained that in one third of the reports the women have been murdered by their close partners. In around 80 percent of such cases, the dead women have been studied to have been brutally assaulted by their partners before killing as well. There are cases where women being assaulted by their partners have needed medical treatments post such treatments within their families. Such women are also mentally affected severely and several cases have been found where the assaulted women have had to make visits for mental healthcare and treatment (Domestic Violence Facts, n.d.).The above table clearly reflects on the fact that women are the most assaulted members than men in a family and the rates are significantly causing major concern for the society as well. And, men are the ones who attack and assault the women and it is more of concern as the male partners of women are the most reported ones for family violence and assaults on women.In case of women, reports say that almost every one in 6 women have experienced attempted or completed rape incidents. There are around 7.8 million cases where the women have been raped by the inmate partners (Domestic Violence Facts, n.d.). This clearly means that women are not at all safe with their partners in their families as well. While at outside of homes, women are attacked by strangers, in their homes as well post-marriage rape is also common. This fact can also be realized and associated with the nature of the men trying to have control on the


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