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Homework on Thanksgiving

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Homework on It Was Thanksgiving and Nobody Knew. Write a 250 word paper answering; &nbsp.I wasn’t going there alone. I called another friend and we carpooled. he drove. It was quite a drive so it’s a good thing that there was no drinking after all. On the way, we were talking about how the others were doing now, what keeps them busy and entertained. We finally arrive. The door of the house opens and the smile of a beautiful lady, which neither of us knew, greets us. “Hello,” she says, “I’m Ann. I’m Matt’s girlfriend. He’s in the kitchen right now but your friends are already in the dining room.”We enter the dining room and were surprised to see everybody seated and having the same sort of puzzled, amazed look on their faces. Ann guides us to our seats and sits down herself. Then, Matt comes in, but we couldn’t see his face, that is until he puts down a giant turkey right in the middle of the table. Everybody exchanges look. One friend then says, “Didn’t we celebrate thanksgiving already? What’s the turkey for Matt?” Matt replies, “Of course it isn’t thanksgiving. But it doesn’t have to happen only once a year you know. You can be thankful anytime. In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for. I called you all up and you’re all here. And of course, you met Ann. I’m thankful for her too, of course…” Matt goes on talking until we finally get to taste the delicious bird, the stuffing, and the cranberry sauce. We all went home happy. But most of all, we all went home thankfully. We were thankful that everybody was doing well, thankful that we all came, and, certainly, thankful that we all have a friend like Matt.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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