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Hitlers Table Talk

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Hitlers Table Talk. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Hitler was born in a Catholic home and he became a staunch Catholic once he began school. It is noted that he even contemplated becoming a priest because the Catholic faith was good to him. After the death of his brother in 1900, his passion for church declined. This may have been as a result of a blow in his belief about God and Jesus being a healer and yet his brother died of measles and God did not help him (Weinberg 53).The invasion of Vienna by Jews whom according to him seem to want to take over the country also further drove him away from Christianity and his belief in God. However he believed and continued to believe in Islam and even Japanese religious culture and hence that may be reason why he did not want to interfere much with religious issues as he did not understand them that well as he thought he did.Hitler’s earlier staunch belief in the Catholic faith and even his support and following of Martin Luther’s protestant movement indicate that he truly continued to follow Christian teachings. This may be the reason why he made that this talk because he did not try to force people to leave their Christianity faith even though he considered parts of the faith to be superstitious like that of the Jews.Even though Hitler was not so religious and especially after he gained power in Germany and he was said to be anti-Semitic, he never denied anyone the freedom of religion. It’s openly known that he was constantly in conflict with the Catholic Church but he did not openly denounce his faith in the church and it is still thought that he died a catholic. His lack of denial of people to worship and his joining of protestants which had almost the same rituals as those performed in a catholic mass strongly supports this table talk from him (Weinberg 135).Hitler is known to have positive comments about Islamic religion and even supported the religious culture of the


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