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History of social psychology

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Discuss the history of social psychology and describe the critical role this field of study has played in helping us to understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals throughout its evolution. Which key research developments have helped to define social psychology and differentiate it from other fields of study? What theoretical constructs are inherent in social psychology principles?    Assess the role of ethics in behavioral research. What are some of the ethical dilemmas that researchers face? In your response, provide at least one example of an ethical violation that occurred in a human research study and describe the methodology used (e.g., observational, correlational, experimental). What changes could have been made to improve the ethical nature of the research? Include at least one reference in your post that is properly cited according to APA format.  Running head: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYStudent’s NameProfessor’s NameCourse Title02/25/2016 1 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY It is my basic understanding that social…

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