High-Speed Scanning In Human Memory

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Write an argumentative essay on High-Speed Scanning In Human Memory.

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The memory scanning speed is quite essential based on the idea that the performance of other tasks by human beings depends on the retrieval of information stored in the memory. The generality of the variable of high-speed scanning takes into account several features that relate to the requiring of high accuracy in the recall process of memory without having to correct any errors. Subsequently, the study recognized that the viewing of one stimulus cannot be started when former stimuli have not been completed. Particularly, the study was interested in the memory effects of the elements to the latency response.

The results of the study were linearly plotted in order to obtain the latency lines, and the slope and the linearity of the function implied the existence of internal serial comparisons with an average rate of 25 to 30 symbols. In concluding, the study found out that the response size variations had no effect on the latency function hence, an increase in the latency reflected the retrieval duration and not the retention exigencies. The high-speed scanning generality was not out rightly determined but, took into account features such as the arbitrary signing of the class members, relative little practice, high accuracy and ignoring the errors. Ultimately, this was performed to the extent in which one stimulus was completed so that the next could be started. Consequently, attention and executive control tests of short memory could be used as through the engagement of word memory tests.

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