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Write an essay on Heroine. Paper must be at least 250 words. Remarkably, the differences between the sexes are extraneous. what matters are the roles played by individuals. For instance, the female Mulan joins the battlefield and fights on her father’s account. The arty chap Xu Wei illuminates how Mulan profusely participates in the war and records a splendid performance despite being a woman. Mulan sounds badass and controversial. She appears at the war as a man, fights, wins, and goes back to carry on weaving roles that were perceived to be relished by women. Undoubtedly, her physic was that of a woman but not even her comrades could realize that she was a woman. a clear evidence that the body cannot simply be used to define gender.The line raises the question of identity, inequality, and being real to oneself in the facade of execution and persecution. Despite her sex, she participates in unlikely activities, a factor that makes her appear as though concealing her identity and true self. This is over and above the modest question of


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