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Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness,

Part I Joseph Conrad has created a complex narrator in Charles Marlow, whom many readers consider Conrad’s alter ego. Marlow, the central character in the story, is not all good nor all bad. He is opinionated and can be sarcastic; however, he is a sharp and thoughtful observer of humankind, a thinker, and a curious adventurer. Keep in mind that Marlow is a sea captain who has explored a great deal of the world when the story opens. In his world of the late 1890s, chauvinism and racism are evident, so the time period is completely different than our own. We don’t excuse Marlow for his failings, but we hope and look for his transformation as the story progresses. Post:  

Part 1: 

From what you see of Charles Marlow in Part I of Heart of Darkness, what film or literary character does he bring to mind?      

Part 2:

 Explain your choice of character.


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