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Healthcare reform efforts

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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses top three healthcare priorities in the healthcare reform efforts. The research paper “Top Three Healthcare Priorities in the Healthcare Reform Efforts” examines the development of new models regarding primary care in order to expand accessibility to quality care. Health care reforms are aimed at facilitating expansion of coverage and control costs. In fact, these reforms are likely to be successful in situations involving conversation on the way finance is can be developed and applied in delivering effective care. On the other hand, the reforms focused on long-term objectives, aimed at saving on the costs that are more significant to emphasis appropriation of resource to improve the quality of health and civilian’s lives. These reforms are applied as strength for improving clinical education through research to develop and establish innovative solutions. This paper will focus on issues that are priorities of health care reforms. In this case, this has requires collaboration with psychologists, who are considered crucial components of interdisciplinary health care systems. Therefore, integrated health care regards an approach, which is attributed to increased level of interrelationship among health professionals. Besides, there coordinated care requires integration of psychological care within primary care services that lead improved access to quality health care services, thereby lowering care expenditures. The second priority involves development of new models regarding primary care in order to expand accessibility to quality care despite decreasing supply of physicians.

For instance, the second priority focuses on medical home model that depends on multidisciplinary care groups that are coordinated by communication facilitated by proactive care focusing on the needs of the parents (American psychological Association, 2009). Therefore, this facilities management of medical care programs, which enables coordination of the care for Medicaid patients. The other article considers the second priority to be involving fund partnership between public health agencies and provides aimed at meeting shared goals, in fact, this is considered a measure of decreasing or preventing chronic diseases (Dzau & Duke, 2009). On the other hand, this priority involves collaboration with public employers, thereby offering them favorable condition of working. The third priority involves maintenance of psychological workforce through competence with aims of developing and applying evidence-based behavioral and psychological assessment. Therefore, intervention has been applied in addressing public needs brought about by altering demographics of the population (American psychological Association, 2009). In fact, this priority involves overwhelming evidence in mental and behavioral state of health workforce, which is increased through sufficient response of health care needs in increasing diverse population. On the other hand, this priority focuses on collaborating with psychologists, which are researchers and practitioners directly associated with health care systems for approximately fifty percent of the Americans (Aetna.Com, 2009).

Nonetheless, the mortality of U.S.A citizens is associated with traits of mental health issues that are significant to public health concern. The second article focuses on the identifying the third priority as supporting comparative effectiveness through research, which facilitates improvement of quality and value of care. In this case, this involves identification of intervention, which works best (American psychological Association, 2009). On the other hand, this reforms focuses on significant important which can focus on reinforcing ability to conduct a study results on population. These reforms offer collaboration between communities and academic health centers, thereby offering a perfect way of tracking information regarding patients (Dzau & Duke, 2009).


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