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Health systems of Canada and Australia

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Write an essay on Health systems of Canada and Australia. It needs to be at least 1250 words.Today, every country is expected to devise its own strategies of addressing the three major goals associated with the healthcare system. These include sustaining a healthy population, treating ill people, and safeguarding families from financial ruin that results from medical bills. This paper will compare health care systems of Canada and Australia.The health care system in Canada is comprised of various forms of health insurance policies, which aim at ensuring that every citizen in the country gets access to adequate health care. The system is funded through public means, and administered through either territorial or provincial basis. The federal government is the one that provides the guidelines through which care should be provided (Kliff, 2012).With regard to the health care system in Canada, individuals gain equitable access to medical treatments and preventive care. They can access these services from hospitals, through primary care by physicians, dental surgery, or other medical services. With limited exceptions, all individuals in the country are eligible for health coverage irrespective of their income, medical history, or living standards (Kliff, 2012).The kind of health care system prevalent in Canada is subject to significant political dispute as well as debates throughout the country. A number of critiques question whether the current system is efficient in terms of delivering treatments in a timely manner. These critiques stipulate that the country should implement a private system as in the case of the U.S. On the contrary, the government, policymakers, and individuals in the country worry that a private system would result to inequities in the health care system, as only the wealthy individuals can afford specific types of treatments (Kliff, 2012).The health care system in Australia is multidimensional comprising of both public and private health care providers, participants, settings, as well as supporting


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