Health care economics

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Discuss the primary manner in which these concepts impact the world of health care economics health demand and supply, elasticity, resources, health measures, and costs.Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:1. Assess the value of healthcare professionals and decision makers understanding the discipline of health economics.2. Defend or critique the importance of considering the complex nature of health and healthcare when examining the economic principles related to healthcare delivery.3. Analyze the primary potential benefits of learning about health economics related to  government  involvement in healthcare economics, financing and delivery.4. Analyze the main potential benefits of learning about health economics related to private sector involvement in healthcare economics, financing, and delivery.Use at least (5) current references. Three of these must be from current peer-reviewed sources to support and substantiate your comment and perspective1 Health economics and its impact on healthcare provisionNameInstitution 2Why healthcare economicsHealthcare economics has an astound value for healthcare managers and any other healthcare…

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