Grid connected solar electronics

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Write an essay on Grid connected solar electronics. It needs to be at least 1750 words.Most of energy on earth that sustains life is the energy from the sun, which is sunlight. It is through this energy that photosynthesis occurs, that is food for the plants. The plant is after its maturity food for the human beings mostly and some animals that are not carnivorous (Chitode, 50).We have very many electronics at home all that use power and most of them cannot operate without power except for those which can store power for some time to be used when there is no power.It is therefore very important to ensure that those electronics are safe, not from thugs but from too much power fluctuation that can shot circuit them (Chitode, 208). The power system is therefore can be controlled so as to avoid such damages. The electricians use what we call circuit breakers. This controls the amount of power that can be used and when it exceeds the power goes off. This way the electronics will not be at risk (Chitode, 40). A power factor correction can also be installed, since it the connection between the running power and the actual amount of power being used, the power factor correction will show whether there is too much power being used and therefore correct it. It minimizes the chances of power fluctuation.Green building is therefore as it is being encouraged, using as less energy as possible. This is where solar energy comes in (Chitode, 50). A source of power that is natural and free. The only thing one needs is solar panels that are used to convert sunlight energy into electricity power. The solar panel contains the solar cells and solar photovoltaic. The solar cells and the solar photovoltaic convert sunlight energy into electricity energy for usage since one cannot use it directly. The energy is renewable, and that is the most advantageous use of it (Chitode, 96). There are very many types of materials that contain the solar photovoltaic found in the solar cells. This makes it even cheaper and can almost be

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