Gravimetric analysis

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Question:Design an undergraduate gravimetric analysis experiment from the following list of potential reagents:ReagentAvailable quantityacetates10 kgammonium hydroxides10Lbarium hydroxide500 gcarbonates10 kgcopper salts10 kg/5Lhydrochloric acid2 Lnitrates5 kgsodium hydroxide10Lsulfates10 kgYour experiment should-be planned for multiple trials and multiple semesters for 12 student groups per lab section using currently available reagents and glassware (15 pts)-produce between 1 – 2 g of dry precipitate per student group (15 pts)-be completed start to finish in a single laboratory period, (10 pts) and-produce student actual yields 75% – 125% or better (15 pts).Your experiment design should include1. a complete list of reagents and glassware per student group (10 pts),2. instructor/laboratory specialist prep notes (10 pts),3. student directions that include an introduction and a student data sheet (10 pts).

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