Governmental budget formation

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Write an abstract on an academic article that must be on governmental budget formation. Abstracts are not to exceed 150 words in length, and students are required to follow the standard abstract format described below.  Further, abstracts are to be typed, and double-spaced.WHAT IS AN ABSTRACT?The abstract to be completed for this class consists of the following criteria:Title:  the title of the article.Author/sJournal (full cite including year)Name of reviewer (you)ABSTRACT ExampleAbstract:  the narrative should be a succinct, non-technical description of the article.  It must not exceed 150 words, typed double spaced, and should be so clearly written that the following questions could be answered by a member of the general public who reads it:Paragraph (a):  What is the specific purpose of this article?  What information is being conveyed?Paragraph (b):  How is the research conducted?  [A non-technical description of the general methodology used (i.e. narrative, exploratory, quantitative, etc.).  Should include notification of target group.]Paragraph c):  What differences might the article make?  — to whom?  (What might we know or be able to do as a result of this work that we do not know or cannot do now?  To whom will this be important?)  It is important that the abstract shows justification for the research in terms of its implications for budgeting.

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