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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Final Exam: Government 235. Moore argues that in every instance where a bourgeoise exists, these people will agitate for the establishment of a democracy. Therefore, it is a capitalists in a given society that are a necessary condition for democracy to emerge, but there may be additional factors that will be most conducive for the business class to establish the democracy.

This may also be dependent upon the kind of interaction that exists between the business people and the regime that is in control in the country.Moore argues further that a strong bourgeoise will result in a weakening of the feudal kind of economic systems, thereby paving the way for the emergence of the political form of the democracy. When the bourgeoise does exist but is not strong enough to take on the feudal economic structures, then this produces a revolution from the higher levels that ultimately result in a feudal dictatorship emerging. But in those instances where the bourgeoise is so weak that it cannot come up against the feudal system at all, then the revolution takes place from the lower levels so that peasants revolt and this ultimately results in communist dictatorship.

England emerged as a parliamentary democracy, while China emerged as a communist dictatorship. To a great extent, Moore attributes this to the different social groups that enjoyed prominence in the respective countries. In Britain it was the middle class bourgeoise that enjoyed prominence, while in China, the peasant group was stronger and more influential. The differences in the relative strength of the bourgeoise have influenced the development of the modern political systems.The bourgeoise affects the development of the political system through the nature of their views and objectives. In a country such as England, where it is the bourgeoise class, which is strong, this has a concomitant effect on the economy because it is then the market that regulates commercial agriculture. The aristocracy and prior royal feudal rule in………..


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