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Google Internship

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Write a 1 page essay on Google Internship.Although this statement is in and of itself idyllic and rather broad, it is my understanding that Google represents just such a firm. As such, even a cursory analysis of the past reveals the fact that Google has consistently sought out means of developing solutions, engineering new approaches, and helping to connect the world to share the information that exists in a more fluid and complete manner. As such, seeking to be a part of a firm that prizes these aspects above merely making money, is a dream that can only be realized with regards to an internship at Google. Therefore, it is my distinct hope and wish that my application for this position will be given consideration. not only due to the fact that I possess valuable skills and traits that could benefit Google, but due to the fact that I have a desire to be a part of this entity and promote the values that it seeks to underscore within our……..


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