Good Night, and good luck Chuck

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Assignment

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Good Night, and good luck Chuck.Times in America must have been hard at the time. America had an enemy within that was causing the people a lot of fear. Everyone suspected the person next to them of being the enemy. People suspected of being communists had to bear serious charges. sometimes courts need no evidence to declare suspects guilty. Some people made false charges of others that were used to bring them down. This movie takes the viewer back to the times a cold war existed between America and the Soviet Union, when every American was afraid they would lose to the soviet nation.According to ideas brought about in the movie, the news media has a great responsibility of informing and entertaining the people. As shown in the film, making responsible decisions on what to present or leave out in media stations is not an easy task. Such decisions are subject to criticism by those in power and journalists may suffer serious consequences if they mess up with those thought to be unbeatable in society. the high and mighty. However, one of the journalists and his producer clearly point out that despite the risks involved, journalists should focus on giving the people reliable information. The media should assume responsibility in its endeavors and expose the realities kept in the dark. The media should not lose integrity in fear of politicians who are selfish. Due to their selfish interests, the high and mighty in society always wants to control everything aired on media stations. The media should have the interests of the common citizen at heart. This movie suggests that media should participate actively in exposing the flaws in society. Media should offer more to the people and not just entertainment. Some journalists in this movie are an example worth emulating. they hosted a show that was able to expose the injustices committed in society.Evident in the movie, the media was very

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