Globalization and governance

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Complete 20 page APA formatted essay: Is the developmental state strengthened or weakened by globalization and global governance. This made them the envy of the whole world because they were able to double their economies in a span of ten years. Ten years is a short period indeed as compared to fifty years that industrialized countries such as the United States of America and United Kingdom took to double their economies. The high economic growth rates and development in developmental states is attributable to the strength of a government when it genuinely and intelligently decides to engage its citizens and economic agents like companies to drive economic growth and development. Such governments put up key infrastructures and critical institutions and encourage its citizens to do businesses.

Globalization and global governance offers both opportunities and threats to developmental states. They are the global engines in the twenty-first century and cannot be assumed. Globalization affects every country in the world through interactions between and among members of different states as they trade, travel and sport. It also happens when different countries sign international agreements on trade, security, environment and health. Is the developmental state strengthened or weakened by globalization and global governance? This question depends on the country’s features, it geographical positioning and leadership styles. Singapore is a developmental state that has benefited from globalization while Japan, South Korea and Malaysia seemed to have been shaken.

A developmental state refers to an autonomous government (state) that has the capacity to plan and direct their own economies to ensure that resources are optimally allocated to achieve economic growth and development. Low (2004) asserts that developmental states exhibit authoritarian leadership styles and paternalistic governments. The state through its influential apparatus formulates and pursues national visions, missions and strategies that can deliver.

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