Globalisation of logistics

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Write an article on Globalisation of Logistics & SCM 2. It needs to be at least 3000 words. Jasper (2003) defined performance as the process of accomplishing given tasks that are measured against stipulated standards of completeness, accuracy, speed, and cost. Performance is considered to be fulfillment of various obligations in ways that release performers from all the liabilities under business contracts. In my journey of development, learning has played a major role in what I am today as I have been able to acquire knowledge in school and the society hence ensuring better performance in my general activities. Covey (2004) observed that anything human beings do depend partly or wholly on what they learnt either in educational institutions or the society and partly how they put the learning in their actions.People skills are the capabilities of individuals to understand themselves and ability to moderate their responses. Learning people skills has enabled me to empathize accurately, to talk effectively, and to build relationships of respect, trust and very productive interactions in my journey of development. Redmond (2004) noted that good people skills are considered as an asset in business and our daily lives as they enable us to relate and communicate to other individuals on both professional and personal levels hence the ability solve problems effectively and work together to achieve common goals and objectives. Emotional intelligence is the ability of recognizing our emotions and other individual’s feelings and discriminating between various sensations and labeling them appropriately hence enabling individuals to apply that information in thinking and changing behaviors (Redmond, 2004). Emotional intelligence has enabled me to interact with individuals of different characters effectively as I have been able to identify, understand, use, and manage sensations in positive ways in order to communicate efficiently, relieve stress, overcome challenges, defuse conflicts, and to empathize with other society members.

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