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Global Theroy and Plan

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Global Theroy and Plan.Furthermore the impact that this would have on other dimensions such as human resource management planning would be vast.The first and foremost element of my personal theory of global executive management development is centered around three principles which are aligning the needs of employees with the organizational objectives of the company, ensuring regular cross-cultural communication training takes place and finally putting in place policies that ensure positive relationship building.Aligning the needs of employees with the objectives of the organization is important to personal management development. It can be the case that in many organizations there is disequilibrium between these two parties. For example an organization may stress the importance of business ethics, but in some circumstances there may be pressure on employees to act in an ethically questionable way. These policies could theoretically result in employees feeling frustrated or isolated. According to Connors & Smith (1999) having a common goal and sharing accountability is an important element to an organization staying united and productive.When addressing the importance of regular cross-cultural communication training it is important to consider that an increasing number of employees are taking international assignments particularly people working for multinational corporations. A study conducted by Liu and Lee (2008) concluded that cross-cultural training had a significant impact on the overall expatriate adjustment in a host country. By preparing a manager to meet the needs of an expatriate position there would be a reduced risk of employee turnover as well as better overall employee job satisfaction. Even if an employee does not take an overseas position the benefit from a cross-cultural training could theoretically be very important to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce and client base


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