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Write an essay on The competition between giants smart phone companies creates a new challenging era that is fluctuating rapidly. In this new technology environment, Samsung takes an advantageous position to attract customers to meet their needs. This shows how. It needs to be at least 2500 words.Consequently, following this development, it was documented as the second largest mobile device manufacturing company in the globe. Apparently, its market share rose from 11.3% in 2006 to an estimated 14% in the following year(Canfield, 1968). Furthermore, it was recorded that an estimated 300million mobile devices were sold towards the end of the year of 2011 which was closer to their competitor’s nokia who sold slightly more that year. In addition to that, as of the year 2012, Samsung was the largest device manufacture of mobile phone running on the Google android with a 46% of the market share(Hendrix, 1988). Evidently, it is worth noting that the Samsung Company is a successful business venture that has recorded huge profits from the sale of mobile devices all over the world. On the contrary, this paper strives to highlight some of the communication strategies put in place by the company in order to attract more customers to buying their products as opposed to those from their rivals who are the apple company(Jones, 1960). On that note, in the subsequent sections of this paper we are going to decisively discuss the strategies adopted in relation to the market and establish how effective are the strategies towards the development and growth of the business as a whole. Moreover, the paper will also document the efficiency of the company and at the same time document the response of the apple company to the insurgence of the Samsung devices in the market.On the contrary, it is worth noting that the telecommunication industry, particularly the mobile phone industry as a whole has recorded an average percentage annual growth of approximately 57.3 between the periods of 1996 to 2002(Hendrix, 1988). However, it is important to note in 2002 the rate dropped as a result of a number of factors. On that note, the recession of the united states economy, reluctance on the part of the global information technology and lastly the late


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