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Genie the wild child experiment

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Write on the following on Did Genie the wild child experiment or no Why. Write a 500 word paper answering; 4 October Did Genie the wild child experiment or no? Why? Yes, Genie, the wild childdid experiment. For the first 13 years of her life, she had literally nothing to experiment with. In a room with nothing in it but a few toys and a potty chair, she had very little to gain inspiration for experimenting from or explore the world. Her ability to experiment with words was subdued by her father who would bark at her when she made a noise. One can not experiment with four or five things in a room for full 13 years, though the fact that Genie knew about 20 words at the age of 13 years does tell that she has experimented with the language to a certain extent. Genie’s real experiments commenced when her case appeared in the limelight. Experiments were all around her, some that she did and some that she was done upon. Genie was kept in constant supervision of doctors, researchers and psychologists. She was paid unusually high amount of attention because she was hard to be found in normal circumstances and was a potential object of research and source of knowledge. Genie made friends with people. She tried different kinds of things. She liked liquid in glasses, so she kept many of them around her in her bedroom. Genie wanted to learn language. This can be estimated from her desire to learn a word for every new thing she saw. Genie experimented with sounds, words and the intensity of feelings. She could tell that blue is different from dark blue, and that both of them are different from very dark blue. Genie experimented because the urge originated in her nature. In the capacity of a human being, Genie was meant to experiment with things. Experimentation is a fundamental trait of human nature. In fact, experimentation is, to some degree a trait of the nature of every living creature on the face of Earth, yet it is maximal in human beings. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that humans have maximum tendency to experiment because they have been made with much more brain than any other creature. Attitudes, behaviors and traits that have their roots in human nature can never be suppressed no matter how extreme the conditions may a human be raised in. Accordingly, Genie’s ability to experiment remained intact in all the years of her early childhood and she explored that ability when she was provided with opportunities to. All humans are born with certain abilities that form part of their nature. They serve as the drivers for experimentation irrespective of the limits imposed upon the experimentation by the outer world. Nevertheless, nurture plays a fundamental role in the level to which the intrinsic human traits show up. In Genie’s case, the girl was born with the nature to experiment, but the kind of nurture she was given prohibited her from exploring her nature. However, when she was brought into the society and was allowed and encouraged to be part of the world and see the world through her own eyes, Genie did experiment with things.


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