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Genetics 3

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Write an argumentative essay on Genetics 3. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.The total chromosome combinations are 256 as seen in (b) above. Thus, if we compare genotypes with the total gametes, we have 4:256. Simplifying the ratio we get 1:64. This means that for every 1 genotype there are 64 possible chromosome combinations.An organism is considered a pure breed if it is homozygous. it has a pair of identical alleles. To get the potential parental gametes we foil the genotypes by separating the alleles. just like in meiosis.Crossing these two pure breeds, we get a dihybrid with W+w Cy cy+ genotypes as the F1 generation. The dihybrid cross gives us W+ Cy, W+ cy+, w Cy and w cy+ as the gametes. All the four gametes produced are different but they have equal proportions. Moreover, the gametes randomly come together to produce a zygote with each trait having a 25% chance of being inherited. This is well illustrated by the Punnet square


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