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Gender in American Politics

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Write an essay on Gender in American Politics.

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In many countries though, continue to advocate for gender imbalance by failing to give women a chance to realize their full potential in politics. In this case, the paper seeks to examine different types of rhetoric approaches used by both men and women in their speeches, media engagement and in debates, with the intentions of seeking the public attention and affirmation for their abilities to lead (Carsey et al. p.267)Through the advancement of gender law, countries such as the United States have enacted a constitution that acknowledges the rights of women and their contribution to leadership particularly in politics. Into political context, both men and women have come of age in using rhetoric approach toward reaching their public. At the same time, some differences have emerged between men and women use of rhetoric approach towards their public address.

In order to convince and pursued the public for their confidence in their abilities, particularly in politics, the use of rhetoric approach has remained pertinent among both genders in politics. By analyzing, for instance, Hilary Clinton struggle in the political arena, she is faced with the challenges of dealing with the stereotype about feminine in politics, but she emerges triumphant when she got elected in various positions in politics. Tracing at her use of rhetoric approach towards balancing between feminine and masculine stereotypes on leadership particularly in politics, Hilary ignored what men believed could not be done by women. Her achievement in politics portrayed what seemed to be a dominantly ruled by men as equally shared ground by charismatic women.


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