Gay gentleman’s club

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Assignment

You own and operate a gay gentleman’s club. You have over thirty full time employees. You only hire straight men, 21 to 30, however, to avoid patronizing between the workers and customers.Jim, a gay man, with substantial experience as an exotic dancer, applies for one of the two jobs for exotic dancers you have open.Cheryl, a straight woman, 42 years old but who looks 25, and with substantial experience as an exotic dancer, also applies for the job.All other applicants are gay men between 21 and 30, but none have any type of dance experience.You do not want to hire Jim because he is gay and would violate your policy of attempting to avoid patronizing between workers and customers.You do not want to hire Cheryl because she is both a woman and over 30.If you do not hire Jim and Cheryl would you violate any employment law or laws? Are any defenses available to you? Be sure to identify all applicable legal principles and discuss how the principles apply or do not apply to this situation.

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