Full metal jacket

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Prepare and submit a paper on full metal jacket by stanley kubrick. The drill sergeant, portrayed by actor Lee Ermey in an outstanding performance, immediately re-establishes the environment of fear, which they have left behind with the image of their mothers.&nbsp. The sergeant refers to his recruits as “ladies.”&nbsp. The recruits do not, as new recruits, represent the symbolic phallus, but that is the assumed reward if they are successful in their training (Visual 2).&nbsp. Boot camp, which is intended to “ weed out the non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved corp,” could work the other way, fulfilling the young men’s worst fear in falling victim to castration.&nbsp. The character of Leonard Lawrence, portrayed by actor Vincent D’Onofrio, serves to exemplify for his peers that the threat of castration is real.&nbsp. Leonard has not accomplished release into a world that has relevant without the presence of his mother.&nbsp. The character of Leonard, who is nick-named Private Gomer Pyle by the drill sergeant in reference to Leonard’s similarities to a real life television character of the same name who was bungling but lovable, portrayed by actor Jim Neighbors. is not in harmony with his space.&nbsp. Leonard is needy, in the fashion that shows he has not suffered fear of castration, and therefore Leonard clings to the nourishing aspect of his relationship with his mother. &nbsp.Leonard quickly becomes the object of resentment for the rest of his platoon, who are held accountable for Leonard’s bungling ways.&nbsp. Leonard is the threat of castration, that which can prevent his peers from accomplishing a symbolic phallus status.&nbsp.

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