French favorites for woodwind trio

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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: French Favorites For Woodwind Trio.The concert was attended by large crowd of classical music lovers and the fans of the ‘French Favorites for Woodwind Trio (Keith par 1).’Upon entering the hall, I was mesmerized by its attractiveness. First, the hall is well designed such that the stage can be viewed from any place in the hall. Then, the decorations of the hall, that consisted of flashing disco lights and spelt classical music. Since I was late, I had to wedge my way through the crowd, which consisted mainly of familiar college mates, although with speckles of excited lecturers here and there. I even obtained a giggle from my music teacher who had settled at the fore spaces. I finally got a spacious position at the back place, where I could jig and dance my worry of life outside the hall off. Well, I hastily obtained a dancing partner, my classmate who also had found a position at the back.The master of ceremony was this kind of gentle men that are comedians by nature. From the point of his ushering in the concert’s audience, to his introduction of the performers, the audience could not help but laugh. He made the concert very lively.At the point where he pronounced the names of the ‘French favorite favorites for Woodwind trio’, they received a deafening applause from the crowd. Then, chattering followed as the faces of the audience registered excitement with anticipation. Soon the theatre was grave silent again, and the beats of ‘Suite Breve en Trio’ started to engulf the stage like a wave coming from very far off the horizons. Although so soft and from an old age origin (1905-1991), this music had the power of sweeping off from my feet, and for a moment, I was floating in the air with ecstasy. Oh my! The power of classical music, I did not even realize it as the guest performers entered the stage. I became conscious of them only after the beats faded and then the sound of the English horn in the

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