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For the personal narrative essay, follow these steps:Choose a topic from the list below. To choose a topic, try      freewriting on several of the topics.After choosing a topic, complete a prewriting activity to develop your ideas.Organize your essay by using the organizational form attached to this assignment.Write a discovery draft. For this draft, only write the narrative, the account of the story you are telling. The narrative should have a beginning, a struggle or conflict, and a resolution.Post the body of your essay (the story or story you are narrating)     to the discussion board with the topic of the essay at the top of the posting. React to the postings of at least two other classmates. Read the comments on all of the postings. Many will be helpful when you edit and complete your essay.After receiving feedback from at least two classmates, write the first draft of your essay. Edit and revise your essay.Submit through the dropbox your discovery draft, your first draft, and your final paper. Label each. Submit all three on one document.Time When Topicsa time when you (or someone your know) learned something new about yourself (or him or herself)a time when you (or someone you know) realized you had been wronga time when you or someone you know failed to act when someone was in trouble.a time when you misjudged someone or someone misjudged youThe time I realized I had been wrong.It’s early morning and I’m seated on a couch in my house. Beside me is a one year old child. His nameis Jimmy. He keeps on moving from one corner of the…


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