Freedom of speech in Kuwait

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Freedom of Speech in Kuwait. The constitution of Kuwait describes the Emir as immune and inviolable, ergo it is unacceptable for the land highest office to be treated in the same way a normal individual is, and in justification, it was argued that failure to recognize his absolute authority could endanger the nation’s unity and national security.&nbsp. This argument may sound dictatorial to many in the west since western rulers are rarely immune from prosecution, but the truth is that even if we have similar laws, our countries are not based on the same values, nor do we necessarily share a history.&nbsp. The western press must be made aware that the freedoms and rights touted in the UN human and human rights bill may be politically instituted in most of our constitution, but they are not practical when it comes to their application (“Government positions on press freedom in the Middle East”).&nbsp. Even as we strive to promote equality and human rights, we must recognize that our differences cannot be relegated to obscurity and claiming that rights are universal is both unrealistic and hypocritical. For example, it is claimed that all human beings have a right to food, shelter and security, among other basic services. How would such rights be explained to citizens of third-world countries where food security has never been achieved and plagued with violence? In the same way, human rights provide that all genders are equal in every way, what is to be said of culture sin which religion provides that women must be submissive to men?In the same way, even as we enjoy the freedom of speech, we should remember that we are not in the US or Europe, and the realities hear they make it difficult to express ourselves in ways that are completely normal elsewhere. It is not that were are inferior in implementing freedom of expression. it is simply that we come from different backgrounds. A few months ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who had lived in the United States for most of his adult life when we got into an argument about free speech. In his opinion, in Kuwait, free speech fully was just as harmful as “democracy” was to Egypt, Libya and all those nations the west had helped to liberate in the Arab spring. I reacted quite skeptically to his reasoning, but after taking time to consider it, I realized that in as much as we may rightly demand freedom of expression, assuming that it should cover the same scope it does in the west is naïve. Kuwait is founded on a backdrop of the authoritative and religious rule. this is radically different from the American scenario whose bedrock is democracy.

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