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Forming Researc Questions

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Forming Researc Questions.given topic, research may be conducted using qualitative as well as quantitative methods. and the choice of the methods is determined by what aspect of the problem the researcher wishes to explore. Thus, the same topic may be explored from both the quantitative as well as qualitative perspectives.The research topic for this study is “The knowledge, attitude and practice of women in Miami Beach towards female condoms as a means of prevention of STIs”. Given this topic. a number of research questions may be developed based of the particular area being studied by the researcher.This research question will provide data about the extent to which the target participants understand the importance of the female condom as a means to protect them from STI infections, and the likelihood of their using the same. The data collected will be from female participants only. and will be collected from all participants who are sexually active.To determine the attitude exhibited by women in the Miami Beach area towards female condoms as a means of prevention of STIs as measured using a Likert scale as described in Spizzichino, Pedone, Gattari, Luzi, Gallo, Valli and Rezza (2007).This study does collect numerical data. but the study is a qualitative study as it does not compare groups or attempt to find relationships. The aim of the study is to observe and record the attitude of the women participants from the Miami Beach area toward the use of the female condom. This information, when combined with the analysis of the knowledge that the participants have about the use of a female condom as a means of preventing STI’s will help us understand how the target population views the subject, and what needs be done to improve the attitudes held and thus, increase the likelihood of the use of the female condoms by the participants.Collecting the data using a Likert scale helps in quantifying the overall attitude. and this information may be used later, to test changes in


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