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 2 apa cites not older than 4 years. Formative and summative are assessments that educators could get confused with if they’re not careful because they serve different purposes. Formative is an assessment for learning what outcomes can assist teachers with arranging instructions to meet the student’s needs. Summative means assessment of learning the outcomes for evaluation or accountability. It can be confusing at the high school level because educators and parents will get flustered because of all the testing the students have to take. For example, a formative test is student work, checks for understanding during instruction. Educators will do these things throughout the lesson plan or unit to make sure the students are understanding. “Or non-evaluative interim tests that cover recently taught material and align with the standards” (ANet, 2018).

These standards are supposed to better prepare for unit tests, final exams, benchmark interim assessment, state standardized test: but in other words, everything just listed is a summative assessment. Educators at the high school level will get a little nervous at this assessment because it usually determines if they keep their job; especially the core classes. At my high school the administrators are more focused on how the students are testing in their class and on state exams because those things will determine the school grade. That is also why school interim reports (interim assessments) are usually the half way mark in the semester. Basically, it informs the instructor where the students are at and what things they need help with. Parents at the high school love these things because it allows the parents to help them before it is too late. It also allows the parent to determine if they should take their child out of the class. Summative assessments can tell educators the end of the unit and what students have learned, and formative will tell educators on a daily basis on how students are progressing either on individual skills or mastering of the overall topic.

A way to remember formative assessment is something to assist the principle at the school to teach the staff members formative form instructions. Another reason why people will get confused by formative and summative assessments is because part of the assessments is test, but that is not always the case. An assessment can also can be used to see how kids are doing. For example, the history teachers at the high school I’m employed at will use quizzes and group games where the students will have to use their phones to answer the questions. Students wont even realize that the games are monitoring their progress in the class. Sometimes in a math class in high school a teacher may use “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally” (or PEMDAS: parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) fame–the acronym intended to help students remember the order of operations” (David, 2011).  In better terms, it’s an assessment of teaching and to monitor how the teacher is doing in the class and is a way of helping the students in their education.ReferencesANet. (2018). Retrieved from What are formative and summative assessments .David, G. (2011). Education Week .

Retrieved from Please Excuse My Dear Aut Sally (PEMDAS)

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