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Forbidden foods and drinks

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Compose a 2500 words assignment on forbidden foods and drinks. These prohibitions have origins that are varied. In other situations the forbidden food is due to some considerations of health, others come about because of the symbolic system of humans (Gebhardt 21). Different foods could be prohibited in certain festivals, specific times in life, and different classes of people. This paper explores different types of forbidden food and drinks.Religion prohibits the intake of some specific foods. For instance, A strict rule is set by Judaism concerning whatever could and could not be eaten. Similar laws are observed in Islam who divide food in the form of halal and haraam. On the other hand, Jains strictly follow their religion hence only consume vegetarian. Hindus also prohibit the consumption of cow meet since they take cows as being that is sacred (Mike 6). Apart from this, some communities scrutinize the cooking process instead of real food. For example, in Christianity of early medieval specific uncooked of fast food were considered to be of dubious status. In this case, the consumption of canned, as well as other fast foods, is forbidden to this group of individuals. This can be attributed to the fact that the canned foods and other fast foods are sweeter and consumption-ready. they can be directly taken without requiring farther preparations that other food substances require. It is also because the cost of these types of food kinds of stuff has been reducing drastically making the affordable. Examples of common canned and fast foods that are widely consumed include beef jerky, yogurt, jam, canned tea, and canned meat, just but to name a few. In spite of the large markets that they command, the foodstuffs are considered to be harming the society in various ways, but what are these various ways that the canned foods are considered to harm the society? This paper discusses the ways in which the canned foods are harming the society.


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