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Prepare and submit a paper on the food (grocery) industry. From this paper it is clear that there is a wide spread economic recession that necessitates study of external factors affecting businesses as many of them are closing down due to this. As a management consultant, I will help the United Kingdom’s grocery industry to asses its current competitiveness and its macro environmental position so as to be able to assist in making decision about the possible strategies to be applied in future A lot of businesses are venturing in UK grocery industry, in the year 2001, the number of groceries was very high and their operative average value was estimated to be Around 103.4 billion pounds. The food industry has become the core business venture of many supermarkets and expenditure on food stuff in the UK. this growth has been constant since 1990. Analysts have ascertained that the food industry could be the only business that is recessive proof. None the less, the non food articles are responsible for the increasing share.According to the study the supermarket especially the grocery industry is led by large supermarkets and groceries namely ASDA, Safeway, Tesco and Sainsbury. Waitrose is one of the leading groceries in the United Kingdom. It has shown considerable growth despite the economic recession that been affecting the industry since the year 2001. The industry has been doing very fine with Waitrose operating 137 stores, Tesco operates 146 stores, ASDA operates over 100 stores over UK and the trend is the same for other companies including Safeway and others. The PPG has made it very difficult to access out of town permission for planning. This has actually jeopardised the strategies by some of the businesses which wanted to open new food and home super-centres.


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